Dr. Minna Jakhar

Dr. Minna Jakhar, as the founder of Ultra Healthcare, envisioned to assume a leading role in shaping where the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry goes. Dr. Minna, well-known for her wide-ranging intellectual curiosity about diseases that grapple several lives, her eagerness to build a strong suit in medicine,her devotion to augment health profession and organisational life, had listened to her inner call-the call to save life and henceforth committed herself to multi- disciplinary working by choosing the noblest and holiest of all professions-The sacred field of medicine. It would be an oversimplification and understatement to call her an intellectual leader as her determination to work tirelessly to deliver innovative solutions that can truly bring happiness to patients and their families,the breadth and depth of her knowledge of medicine, her unfeigned interest in integrating her patient’s lives, her unquenching enthusiasm to steer the organisation forward, her passion to be the foremost exponent of knowledge and her abiding kindliness - these all weave a strong web of influence, which cannot be adequately stated in written acknowledgments.

Dr. Minna has more than three decades of experience as the Managing Director and leading medical practitioner in Jakhar Hospital, Chandigarh.She holds a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from Dayanand Medical College. She also holds a Masters degree in Community Health and Preventive Medicine.

Message from Minna Jakhar-

“We’re determined to massively contribute to increase access to better medicines and healthcare for all people. And, we are especially focused on three key strategic areas for achieving our long-term vision: people, products and processes. We sincerely aim to gather trust from all the stakeholders- our employees and our customers as we believe it is our moral responsibility and defining characteristic to to keep pushing forward and grow and prosper collectively. Our goal is for our customers to have Ultra Healthcare as their primary choice for quality, authenticity and affordable medicines they can trust. Like Paul Kalanithi said ‘You can’t ever reach perfection, but you can believe in an asymptote toward which you are ceaselessly striving.’ ”

Sonali Dalla
Chairman/Managing Director

Sonali, as the Chairman of Ultra Healthcare, has significant accomplishments in fields of Business development, Marketing, Sales, Business strategy and Financial Management. She believes that there is nothing greater than finding promising opportunities for smart people to do stellar things and facilitating a feeling of togetherness as a team rather than individual parts and it's a fantastic process that she loves to indulge in. Her steadfast focus on superlative quality, amazing service levels, and building strong partnerships holds firm and stands as testament to the strength of Ultra Healthcare’s reputation.

Prior to working in Ultra Healthcare, Sonali held senior management roles in Genpact and Indian School of Business and developed a knack for vigilant learning and imparting knowledge. She holds a Bachelors degree in finance and accounting and a Masters in Business Economics from Panjab University. She has been a voracious reader and a phenomenal marathon runner Now,she puts that perseverance to work as the Chairman of Ultra Healthcare so that her clients achieve not just incremental growth, but rather exponential and transformational growth.

Message from Sonali-

“Over the last few years, we have aligned the organisation on a number of things- to become truly inspiring leaders in the healthcare industry. We started by going on a journey to embed customer centricity as our ethos and we’ve been working passionately with all our partners and customers ever since. We’re beginning to see the results of our efforts, but believe that it is a long road and the best is yet to come.Our ultimate goal is to help people around the world live better, longer, and happier and increase the size of the pie for our customers. We aim to be the most promising company through empowered and talented employees.”

Arun Goyat
General Manager

Arun brings a passion for healthcare and marketing, as well as significant experience in innovative and offbeat thinking, a successful track record and gathered wisdom of managing dynamic change and employing analogies and anecdotes to impart knowledge, executing strategy and motivating a diverse team. Arun joined Ultra Healthcare in 2016 and the organisation has undergone a paradigm shift ever since his inception as the General Manager through myriad product launches and innovative campaigns and his efforts to propel Ultra Healthcare to the top against truly brutal levels of competition.

Before his appointment at Ultra Healthcare,he held senior management roles in Tata Docomo, and Idea and Coal India. He holds a Bachelors degree in Economics and a Masters degree in Computer Applications and an MBA from Panjab University, and has mentored students for Civil services. Arun has also been a national-level basketball player and has headed several university teams which demonstrates his ability to motivate, inspire and ultimately a burning desire to win.His fundamental belief in integrity leads him to positive values and actions, and he believes in giving his all,regardless of the situation. He has the intent to come off the court a better player after every game or practice,and he derives the same intent in his work ethic as well.

Message from Arun-

“We,at Ultra, Believe that “Serendipity rewards a well-prepared mind.” So, we persevere and work harder every single day and this has been a remarkable journey and we are not done yet.We are relentlessly creating an environment in the company with a lot more passion to really make a difference,by seeing ourselves as part of a solution and dedicated to improving people’s lives since we wholeheartedly embrace the fact that every product we deliver is intended for someone’s loved one. I believe that we learn more from trying and failing, than failing to try. So, we keep pushing ourselves out there with enthusiastic willingness and persistence to be one of the best pharma franchise companies in the country and be an accelerator of positive change.”